■Caring, Connecting, Evolving

~We pursue the happiness of our customers and staff around the world through logistics, trading, and marketing, and always aim to be a company that contributes to society without fear of change. ~


■We will spread Japanese professional services and products to India together.

■We will carry out our work and operations with a steady mind of “safety, security, and gratitude” and without forgetting the social importance of the cargo we handle and carry.

Sub Hirohama Corporation, headquartered in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, is a Japanese general trading company specializing in Japan and South Asia.
In Japan, our business is based on logistics and consulting services, while overseas, we specialize in India and other South Indian countries, developing various businesses required by Japanese companies and the local market.
The company’s objective is to serve as a bridge between Japan and South Asian countries, to promote the development of South Asian countries, and to help Japan acquire markets in the countries where it operates, thereby promoting mutually beneficial businesses.
We work together with small and medium-sized Japanese companies to solve the problems they face, such as “We have the best service and technology, but lack the know-how and human resources to expand overseas,” or “We have excellent products, but don’t know how to market them,” and we connect them to South Asian countries to sell the technology and know-how that Japan is proud of.

Company History

June 1990Established as a specialized logistics division of Hirohama Co.
2005Started overseas business consulting business for Hirohama Co.
2006Started overseas business consulting business
2008Establishment of Hirohama India Pvt.
2012Kuuraku India Pvt. Ltd. established as a joint venture between Kuuraku Group (Head office: Makuhari, Chiba) and Hirohama India
2015Establishment of Hirohama Ceylon Pvt.,Ltd (Sri Lanka)

Company Profile

Company Address2-28-11 Ishiwara, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0011, Japan 5th floor
RepresentativeKojiro HONDA
EstablishedJune 1990
Capital39 million yen
Business DescriptionOverseas business expansion consulting (South Asia) / General freight forwarding business, warehouse management practice, warehouse operation consulting (Japan)

Countries of Overseas Operations

  • India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, etc.

Our Services

  • Consulting on business expansion into South Asian countries
  • Trade business with South Asia and China
  • Local support in South Asia
    Marketing / Inspection tours / Office arrangement (India only) / Car rental (India only) / Recruitment and training of human resources / Real estate brokerage

Domestic General Transportation and Warehousing Business

※General Trucking Business

Business No. 450007593 

  • Warehouse Management
  • Warehouse management operation consulting

Group Companies in India and South Asia

(Marketing, Develops hotel and restaurant franchise business in India.)
(Operates 8 Japanese restaurants in India.)
(Management of Japanese restaurants in Sri Lanka.)

Group Companies in Japan

Kojiro Honda


Born in 1976. While a student at the Faculty of Law, Chuo University, he became interested in foreign countries and studied abroad in the United Kingdom and the United States. After returning to Japan, he worked for the Asian Productivity Organization (an international organization), where he learned about international perspectives. After training at Hirohama Corporation, which was founded by his maternal grandfather, Jyuji Hirohama, he succeeded to Sub-Hirohama Corporation, an affiliated company founded by his father. Influenced by his grandparents, he was determined to establish his own business and founded four companies: Hirohama India Pvt. Ltd. Kuuraku India Pvt.,Ltd,、 Hirohama Ceylon Pvt.,Ltd and Japanese Standard Processing Pvt. Ltd. He is engaged in day-to-day management as Managing Director and Director.

Managing Director
Kojiro HONDA


When I visited India for the first time in 2006 to conduct market research, I was struck by how difficult it is to live and work in India. The lack of office infrastructure, the fact that the only accommodations available for Japanese were 5-star hotels, and the fact that drivers were never on time were just a few of the many culture-shocking difficulties I experienced. We realized that the immaturity of the infrastructure was one of the reasons for the delay in Japanese companies entering the Indian market, and with a single-minded desire to solve such problems, we have developed businesses (business centers, business hotels, car rental services, Japanese restaurants, etc.) that provide infrastructure for the Japanese people. Thanks to your services, we have received many comments of delight from many companies and their staff, such as “Thanks to you, I am able to do business in India” and “I feel relieved to be able to enjoy the taste of Japan in India. We are very happy that we are able to be of service. We will continue to contribute to the development of the Japanese and Indian economies by helping Japanese companies to establish their businesses in India without having to leave Japan. We will strive to be a bridge between Japan and South Asia.

Director Yasuhisa HIROHAMA
Director Saburo HONDA

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