''Real Bridge'' between India and Japan
Speedy testing in the Indian market with a minimal budget.
Shares actual expertise & experience in the Indian market.

As the best partner for Japanese companies entering India

Quality Japanese products and services are in demand overseas.
Especially in India, Japanese culture is now accepted more than ever, and at the same time, India is a huge consumer market that is expected to grow.
However, we have heard of many cases in which companies have had to give up doing business in India due to differences in language, culture, values, etc. We have been involved in a number of business projects in India.
We are the best partner for Japanese companies to accelerate their expansion into India based on our experience and local networks in India. We look forward to hearing from you about any questions you may have about advancing into India.

We solve these problems.

  • Want to test the entry into India in as minimal a way as possible.
  • You do not have contacts in India and are unable to obtain accurate and realistic local information.
  • You have the technology but do not have the know-how to expand overseas.
  • You have developed a great product but do not know the sales channels.
  • Want to export Japanese service business, but do not have the human resources to dispatch.
  • Want to learn specific know-how from successful Japanese companies in India.

We help small and medium-sized companies to expand their business in India and South Asia by answering their concerns.
We will work with you to solve the problems of “lack of knowledge about India,” “not being able to speak English or the local language,” and “lack of human resources’’.
We will determine whether or not your business is eligible to enter the Indian market, and provide you with the appropriate advice and methods to develop your business in the shortest possible time.

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